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Sound System Sales

We are not resellers out to push boxes and meet quotas and we know that more expensive is not necessarily better.


We are Consultants who want to enrich your music listening experience.


We will:

a)Recommend the right solution based on room size, application and budget.

b) Source everything, right from the wiring to electronics to the speakers.

c) Work closely with your architect to ensure form and functionality are both maintained.

d) Install, calibrate and commission the system.


Home Audio

For the true audio enthusiast, the run-of-the-mill mass market Home Theatres and Sound Bars are just not good enough. Call us for high-performance set-ups that will redefine the phrase ‘home entertainment’.


Lithos Karma Home Theatre

Professional Audio

In the club, when the lights are low and the music is high, a good sound system that doesn’t crack under pressure is really what you need; not fancy labels incorrectly calibrated. That’s where we come in.


DJ Console at Harry’s Powai.

Background Music Systems

The best designed locations can become unpleasant with the wrong speaker system. We understand a good background music system enhances the beauty and ambience of a venue without overpowering it.


Quest Audio weather-resistant outdoor speaker.

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