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Conference Equipment

Conference PA System

Compact and Unobtrusive, Stand-mounted Speakers with all associated back-end electronics and a state of the art PA mixer


Our Mackie Speaker System at the TEDx Gateway Speaker Dinner at Tote on The Turf, Mahalakshmi, Mumbai


Choose from Handheld, Lapel, Headset or Podium-mounted microphones from reputed brands like Shure and Senheiser


Finnish War Correspondent Pia Heikkilä wearing our Shure headset mike, talks about life in war-torn Afghanistan at Otter's Club, Bandra, Mumbai

Display Devices

Choose from a variety of Projectors, Plasma and LED display panels. No decorator, no problem- we will get the projection screens as well.


Corporation Bank conference with multiple display devices at JK Banquets, Worli, Mumbai

Digital SD-Card Based Audio Recorder

Record Lectures, Press Conferences and Board Meetings for transcribing at leisure or for distribution in a convenient MP3/WAV format.

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