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Show Management and Technical Consultancy for Events

Managing an event in a city that you are not familiar with can be a harrowing experience.


However, when you take us along, you have one less thing to worry about.


How does it work?

Quite simply, Sunil Ahuja will travel to the venue and coordinate the local sound, light and AV vendors and make sure they are doing what is expected, thus leaving the Event Managers free to concentrate on other aspects of Customer Delight.

Live Classical Music at a wedding function at Alila Diva, Goa

Instrumentalists play Indian Classical  music live at a wedding function at Alila Diwa, Goa.

An event by A Klass Apart.

Our Clients tell you why this is a Good Idea

“Sunil has been traveling with us on various events as a Technical Consultant and we owe all our technical success to him. His innate understanding of the technical aspects of our projects have immensely helped us solve on-site problems instantly and deliver a much greater experience to our clients. His patient handling of the console is a great plus when it comes to working with multiple on-site technicians.”


Trevor Pereira

(CEO- Blackworld Communications Studio)


Uniglobe Conference at Fairmont, Jaipur

“I have worked with Sunil Ahuja for almost 8 years - and I cannot recommend his on-site technical services enough !! Sunil is a thorough professional with a keen eye for detail.  Having him on-site at an event means that you can be assured that all your sound & technical requirements whether it be for a corporate event or a wedding will be under control and of the highest quality. 


As an events professional in the industry - I can say with confidence that investing in Sunils' technical expertise is absolutely worth it !  Whilst you and I may know the 'brands'; and it's assumed that one will be provided with the equipment you have asked for.  How often do you do a full equipment check yourself ? Having Sunil on-board means saving yourself from faulty equipment and a lot of money if the vendors decide to pull a fast one.”


Divya Chadha

(Director- A Klass Apart)


DJ Whosane and Jonqui get into the groove at Taj President, Mumbai.

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